Chicago Tutoring Connection expects the following from students:

  • Attend ALL sessions
  • Be ON TIME - sessions start at 6:00pm
  • If you must miss a session, contact your tutor and a CTC staff member in advance.
House Rules

At Chicago Tutoring Connection, we believe that you are responsible young men and women and expect you to act that way. As responsible young adults, we expect you to demonstrate responsible behavior at all times and follow CTC "House Rules" whenever you are participating in a CTC program, event or field trip.

Behavior Policy

In order to create an enjoyable, safe and productive learning environment, Chicago Tutoring Connection has created a behavior policy to discourage and correct inappropriate behavior.


At Chicago Tutoring Connection, students are awarded points for fulfilling expectations. Their points will be totaled and they will receive a check, upon graduation from the program, worth 10 cents for every point they have received.

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